About us

PAWADA is an acronym from a combination of our founder’s family names – PATONG and WASLI.

Tuan Haji Wasli bin Ibrahim is a true blue Sarawak boy who started a small business selling sundries and supplies in Kuching in the 1980s. It was obvious even in those days that there was a demand for locally produced halal products from his customers. He noticed that most halal products had to be imported from outside of Sarawak. That realisation led to a dream – to produce premium quality halal food products for local and international consumption; and at the same time, contribute to the livelihoods of local farmers and villagers by engaging them as part of the chain of production and workforce.

This dream gave birth to the formation of Pawada Food Industries Sdn Bhd in 1989. Through personal research and the aid of support agencies like MARDI, Tuan Haji Wasli began to accumulate a long list of recipes and production know-how.

Even then, Tuan Haji Wasli had to contend with many other competitors who took his example and followed in his footsteps. This catapulted him to keep improving his products and to always put customer satisfaction first. This enabled him to keep ahead of the competition. For that reason, we are constantly working to improve our technology and production systems to give our clients the best prices and optimum efficiency.

We believe that customers who remember our products are also customers who remain loyal to our brand.

Through much love, hard work and commitment, PAWADA grew from a humble cottage industry into the rising star it is today. We continue to evolved and grow, but our core foundation is based on developing the highest quality products and to keep our business anchored in our clients’ needs and our reputation.

Our dream is to have a PAWADA product in every household.